What’s going on for baby?

A child this age will enjoy any form of singing or musical activity, such as waiata-ā-ringa (action songs), rhymes and fingerplay. And the more physical it is, the better.

Singing is a great brain-building activity through language learning, listening, copying, remembering, participating and enjoying.

When shared with others it can also strengthen relationships between toddlers and their community and whānau cultures.

How can parents and whānau help?

  • Sing with their toddler as often as they can — for example, when they’re:
    • getting dressed — ‘This is the way we…’
    • in the bath — ‘Rub-a-dub-dub’
    • in the car — ‘Ngā wīra ō te pahi’ (‘The wheels on the bus’)
    • going to bed — ‘Moe, moe pēpi’ (‘Sleep baby’)
  • Make simple homemade musical instruments:
    • Make shakers from empty tins or containers by filling them with stones or shells and taping the lids securely closed.
    • Make drums from empty tins, buckets or containers, and use hands or rolled newspapers for drumsticks.
    • Make rhythm sticks from rolled and taped newspaper. Cut the ends into thin strips for shaking.

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