What’s going on for baby?

During this stage toddlers are likely to be very active. Parents can expect them to be moving faster and further away from dad and mum. They’ll be walking, running, reaching higher and trying to climb.

They’ll want to explore whatever they can see or get access to, and won’t be aware of any dangers.

They’ll also be interested in being outdoors and will enjoy vigorous outside play. This will help them release energy and can also help relieve any stress from the normal frustrations experienced at this age.

How can parents and whānau help?

  • Revisit safety around the house and increase supervision in response to their toddler’s increasing strength and motor skills.
  • Get down to their child’s level to check for hazards. Include checks in the laundry and outside sheds for any dangers, including poisons, and move them well out of reach.
  • Install stair gates and fireguards to protect their toddler from falls and burns.
  • Plan for some active physical play every day, with opportunities for:
  • running, jumping and climbing
  • throwing and kicking balls
  • riding a ride-on toy
  • playing on playground equipment.
  • Enjoy some active play themselves to help with their own stress levels and enjoy sharing time and attention with their child.

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