What’s going on for baby?

By now toddlers are able to stay focused on an activity for longer.

They can be so busy and active that they might need some encouragement to stop what they’re focusing on and listen.

While they’re exploring they’ll notice details such as colour, size and shape.

How can parents and whānau help?

  • Allow their toddler to choose from 2 or 3 activities.
  • Limit distractions like TV.
  • Choose toys and activities that can be used in several ways. Blocks, balls, empty boxes, play dough, water and sand are good examples. These types of activities can help a toddler to keep exploring possibilities for longer.
  • Get down to their level when you want their full attention, talking face to face with eye contact and using a calm voice.
  • Check their child has heard them and understands what’s being said, especially if it’s something they may not be keen on hearing like ‘Time for bed’.
  • Understand that ideas about same and different colours, sizes and shapes are the beginning of maths learning.
  • Use colour, size and shape words as part of everyday conversations when talking about clothing, food and toys.
  • Model phrases to them that combine words using adjectives (describing words) and nouns (people, places and things). Talk about difference such as ‘big red car’ and ‘little red car’.
  • Ask questions that are easy to answer, such as ‘Where’s the red car?’ Many toddlers won’t be ready yet to use the colour, shape and size words themselves.

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