What’s going on for baby?

During this period toddlers are very likely to copy what they see and hear. They are very responsive to praise and positive attention.

They are able, with encouragement, to help with jobs around the house such as tidying up toys and sorting the washing.

How can parents and whānau help?

  • ‘Catch them being good’. Notice when they’re behaving well, and comment on it. For example, ‘I liked the way you let Rosie have a turn with your toy. You’re great at taking turns.’
  • Notice if they’re finding themselves saying ‘no’ a lot, yelling or getting angry with their toddler. Remember to ‘take a breath’ and find something positive to say. Five positives for every negative works well.
  • Think about whether their child is getting enough of their attention. Could their toddler feel getting growled at is better than being completely ignored?
  • Be good role models for their child by watching their own behaviour. If parents swear, yell, hit, kick and slam doors, their child is likely to do it too. Talk to family and friends about how their child will copy what they do and encourage them to be good role models too.
  • Make it fun to be a helper by working together. ‘Let’s drive the toy cars/blocks home’ or ‘You put the big ones away and I’ll do the little ones’ or ‘What colour shall we tidy up first?’

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