What’s going on for baby?

During this period baby can recognise familiar people and their voices. They’ll also be learning about care routines in their whānau for feeding, bathing and sleeping.

Knowing what comes next helps baby feel secure — ‘If baby can anticipate, baby can participate’.

Through consistent nurturing and care routines, a baby learns to trust the world. Then their attachment relationship with their parents and whānau grows stronger.

A secure relationship is the basis on which confidence, curiosity and exploration develop best. 

How can parents and whānau help?

  • Respond quickly and warmly to baby when they cry.
  • Encourage whānau members to speak to baby using ‘parentese’, in whatever languages they speak best.
  • Show family photos to baby or make them their own little whānau photo album.
  • Play ‘peekaboo’ with baby.
  • Do daily activities with baby like feeding, nappy changing and bathing in the same way and order each time, so baby learns the patterns.

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