This page shows you the relevant topics for this stage. The developmental summary outlines what’s going on for baby and how parents and whānau can support their child’s learning and behaviour. The individual tiles explore each topic in more depth.  

Developmental summary

Child Developmental Topics

7 to 12 months

Enjoying books

At this stage baby will explore books (and toys) using their eyes, ears, hands and mouth. They’ll look at a book, shake it, bang it and mouth it. Baby will also enjoy having whānau read to them.

7 to 12 months


During this time, baby will understand many more words than they can say. By 12 months old, they can understand about 10 words that they’ve heard often.

7 to 12 months


Baby is paying close attention to what family members are doing and saying, and will try to copy their actions and words. Copying is how a baby learns.

7 to 12 months


A baby can now use many different strategies and techniques to learn about a toy or an object. This experimentation is called ‘cause and effect testing’.

7 to 12 months


A baby during this period is getting more mobile, moving around and exploring what they can see, reach and manipulate.

7 to 12 months

Figuring out the world

A baby’s brain is now developing the ability to visualise a thing or a person when they’re out of baby’s sight.

7 to 12 months

Learning about limits

During this period a baby is increasing their skills and ability to move on their own, going when and where they choose. And they’ll be playing with things that interest them — whether they’re safe for baby or not.

7 to 12 months

On the move

During this stage baby will be rolling, sitting, pulling themselves up to a standing position, ‘cruising’ (sidestepping while holding onto furniture), standing on their own, and maybe beginning to walk with help or by themselves.

7 to 12 months

Recognising familiar people

During this stage as a baby becomes more strongly attached to close family members, they become aware there are other people they don’t know as well.

7 to 12 months

Showing their feelings

At this stage of development, baby will express affection and frustration towards their parents and caregivers.

Maori language content 7 to 12 months

7 to 12 months

Young parents

Young parents can face particular joys and challenges whether because of their own life's path, or because of the attitudes they encounter from the wider society.