What’s going on for baby?

At this stage baby will explore books (and toys) using their eyes, ears, hands and mouth. They’ll look at a book, shake it, bang it and mouth it.

Baby will also enjoy having whānau read to them. They’ll like hearing the same stories again and again, and will have their favourites.

When they have regular time enjoying books with whānau, they’ll learn to associate stories and book time with security and fun.

How can parents and whānau help?

  • Snuggle up with baby and:
  • hold the book so both of you can see it
  • talk about the pictures
  • tell the story
  • encourage baby to turn the pages
  • enjoy ‘reading time’ together.
  • Provide a variety of books for baby.
  • Have books with plenty of animals in them, so baby can enjoy hearing parents and whānau make all the animal sounds.
  • If baby wants to look at the book in their own way, be patient and talk about whatever page they want to focus on.

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