What’s going on for baby?

A baby’s brain is now developing the ability to visualise a thing or a person when they’re out of baby’s sight.

This is called having ‘object permanence’ — they understand that things and people still exist, even when they can’t be seen.

Now baby will look for things that are hidden, and may get upset if the person they’re attached to is no longer in their sight.

How can parents and whānau help?

  • Play hiding and finding games with baby, such as hiding a toy under the rug and encouraging baby to find it.
  • Call to baby when you’ve left the room, so baby knows you’re still nearby.
  • Share a ‘flap’ book with baby. This helps them learn about things appearing and disappearing.
  • Play ‘peekaboo’ with baby. This also helps them understand that things and people can disappear and then reappear.

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