Workshop Attachment


  • To recognise what babies are trying to communicate to us.
  • To be able to respond positively.


The Mothers Matter website provides some background information for the topic. Look through it together with the participants.

It tells us clearly that adults must to be able to read babies’ cues for babies to feel safe, to be securely attached and to trust the world and other people.

Attachment is the relationship that develops between the baby and their main caregiver during the first 2 years of life. The quality of their relationship will impact on all areas of the child’s future growth and development.

Babies learn to trust if they can rely on their primary caregivers to meet their everyday needs. It’s therefore important that adults can read these cues, so they can meet baby’s needs.

Ask the participants:

  • How do babies learn to trust you?
  • What happens when you meet their needs every day?


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