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Workshop Crying


  • To recognise what babies are trying to communicate to us.
  • To be able to respond positively.


Read SKIP Whakatipu booklet Te Pihinga 1, page 11, and discuss as a group.

  • What is this page telling us?

Talk a little about each of the reasons that pēpi might cry. Read the text on things to try, and ask the participants:

  • Have you used these ideas?
  • What else might you do when pēpi is crying and crying?
  • Why do you think pēpi might be soothed by being held and walked around with?

And what about when you’re starting to ‘lose it’ — what do you do?

  • Got any good ideas to share?


  • SKIP Whakatipu booklet, Te Pihinga 1, page 11.

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