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Workshop Every picture tells a story


  • To recognise what babies are trying to communicate to us.
  • To be able to respond positively.


You’ll need to bring a collection of photos and pictures of families and babies. The SKIP baby wall frieze is a useful resource for this activity, as well as pictures from magazines, photo albums and pictures printed off the internet.

Work in pairs or individually.

Look at a picture and talk about what’s happening.

Make up some conversations about what’s going on in the picture.

  • If that pēpi could talk, what would they be saying?
  • What message is pēpi trying to tell the adult(s)?
  • What does pēpi need from the adult(s)?
  • What might the grownup be thinking and saying?

For example:

Pēpi: ‘Let me sleep, keep rocking me gently, hold me safe, stroke me softly.’

Māmā: ‘I love you, pēpi. He tino ātaahua koe, you’re so cute when you’re asleep.’

Provide paper and pens so the group can write captions to go with the pictures. They could stick the captions on the pictures. Put the captioned pictures on the wall to share with others.

Ask the group:

  • What clues told you what pēpi was thinking?

Collect some pēpi captions and some grownup captions and try mixing them up and putting them on different pictures.


  • a selection of photos and pictures of families
  • paper and pens
  • sticky tape

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