Workshop Hitting behaviour (handout)

Scenario: 3-year-old child hitting 1-year-old sibling


  • Possible causes for 3-year-old’s behaviour
  • Possible changes to 1-year-old’s behaviour
    • Is this a new behaviour?
    • Is this an old behaviour that the parent has only just decided to talk about?
    • Has something changed in the home?
    • Ill health
    • Not eating properly
    • Not sleeping enough
    • Daily activities changed
    • Attending afternoon session at early childhood education centre
    • Moved into a bed
    • Has younger sibling sharing bedroom
    • Having nightmares
    • Not relaxing properly
    • Frustration
    • Having trouble saying what they want or need
    • Having trouble doing what they want to do

—   Intellectual development

—   Social–emotional development

—   Physical development

—   Vision/hearing

    • Stress
    • Younger sibling getting into everything
    • Younger sibling crying a lot
    • Younger sibling getting most of parents’ attention
    • Mum and dad having problems
    • Jealousy
    • No special time with mum and dad
    • No place to play without interruption
    • Has learned that hitting is okay
    • Family situation has changed
    • Awake more
    • Now mobile — crawling, walking or climbing
    • No place to play without interruption
    • No special time with mum and dad
    • Has learned that crying gets attention from mum and dad