Workshop Out of nappies


  • To understand how a child grows and develops.
  • To enjoy children’s development and have realistic expectations of them.
  • To provide children with age-appropriate activities.  


Find out from the group where their children are up to with toilet learning.

  • What do they think is an appropriate age for children to begin learning to use the toilet?
  • Invite them to talk with each other about their ideas on their child’s learning to use the toilet.
  • Ask for any stories they may have about toilet learning from within their whānau. 

Look at pages 14-17 in the SKIP The Tricky Bits – tips for under-fives booklet

Ask parents to find the main messages, and discuss with each other.

  • Is it possible to start too early? What happens?
  • Is it possible to start too late? What happens?

Until a baby’s brain has developed and strengthened the necessary connections, they’ll continue to need help with toileting.  For them to use the toilet independently, sufficient neural pathways are needed to send and receive efficient messages between their bladder and bowel.  Ask the group:

What are important things to remember when helping children learn to use the toilet ?


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