Workshop Play and development


  • To understand how children grow and develop
  • To enjoy children’s development and have realistic expectations of them
  • To provide children with age-appropriate activities 


Have a selection of homemade toys available to explore. Invite the participants to talk to each other about the toys. Encourage them to play with the toys and work out how they might use them with their babies. You could ask them: 

  • What do you think pēpi would learn through the activity?
  • Why is that?
  • What’s the connection between the activity and their stage of development? 

Look through all of the ‘Ngā mahi a pēpi’ activity ideas in the SKIP Whakatipu booklets, or do a ‘play ideas’ search in this Group Programme website. Refine the search to the relevant ages and stages of the participants’ children. 

Choose an activity that looks interesting. Can you find something similar to do with the homemade toys? Talk to each other about how you think pēpi would play — or if participants’ tamariki are present, do it now. Watch them playing and talk about what they do. 

Encourage discussion, and ask the following questions: 

  • What other activities are relevant for this stage?
  • What other play ideas can be found in the SKIP Whakatipu booklets or in the Group Programme? 


  • SKIP Whakatipu booklets — ‘Ngā mahi a pēpi’ sections 

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