Workshop Reading together and telling stories


  • To understand that parents are a child’s first and most important playmate.
  • To know that all children do most of their early learning simply through playing.


Have a range of books available — children’s books and other reading materials. As a group, talk about what books and toys their babies like. How do we ‘read’ to babies?

The major emphasis is about sharing and enjoying stories and language (not on learning to read). Look at the pictures and talk about what’s happening.

Working in pairs, use the SKIP Take time to be a dad and Love being a mum books. Talk about what’s going on as if you’re looking at the book with your baby. ‘Look at the baby. Look at the daddy. What are they doing? What’s going on here? They’re laughing. They’re having fun…’ and so on.

Make up many ways of talking about the pictures.

Encourage participants to make a book for their baby using some photos and a small photo book (or ‘brag’ book). Write some simple captions to go with the photos.

For example: ‘Look at pēpi (use the child’s name). Look at māmā. Look at the whare. Look at the kurī. Who’s laughing?’

Make up some silly rhymes using a simple phrase like, ‘Have you ever seen…’:

Have you ever seen a bear combing his hair?

  • Have you ever seen a mouse painting the house?


SKIP ResourcesOpens in new window

  • SKIP Whakatipu booklets
  • Take time to be a dad… it’s life changing
  • Love being a mum … it’s worth every moment
  • Tips for under-fives
  • Thinking about parenting
  • SKIP baby wall frieze

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