Workshop Relationships — Memory makers


  • To build the confidence and ability to parent positively.
  • To use a firm and fair approach to parenting.
  • To understand the difference between discipline and punishment.


The Children’s Issues Centre (2004) says:

‘If children have warm, trusting, responsive and reciprocal relationships with their caregivers, they’re likely to develop internal controls on their behaviour and learn what their caregivers want to teach them.’

‘If children experience criticism, lack of acceptance, and feel unloved they are likely to become defiant and aggressive.’

In SKIP Module 3 The six principles of effective discipline Opens in new window(page 9), there are some questions to ask your group about their thoughts on happy relationships.

  • What things do we do to create fun memories?
  • How can we prioritise spending time doing this?
  • How do children know that they’re cared about and loved?

If parents wore a nametag that described their job, it could say ‘Memory Maker’. If we aim to make as many good memories as we can for our children, one day when they’re tucking their own kids into bed they’ll want to share those good memories and tell them stories about, ‘When I was little…’

Ask the group what they would like their children to say about them in the future.



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