Workshop Say more positives


  • To build the confidence and ability to parent positively.
  • To use a firm and fair approach to parenting.
  • To understand the difference between discipline and punishment.


Start with some questions for the group to consider:

  • How do we feel when people are friendly and speak to us pleasantly?
  • Can we think of times when we’ve been helped to understand something or encouraged to do something that we didn’t think we could do?
  • What difference does it make when people are growling and negative instead of being friendly and positive?
  • What’s it like for children?
  • How can we speak to kids so they’ll feel encouraged?

Bring along some copies of the posters from the Chicago Juvenile Protective Association called ‘Your words have power, use them wisely’. Ask the group:

  • How do these images make you feel?
  • How would the child feel?

Watch the Children’s voices video on the SKIP website. Ask:

  • What do the kids say about how they like being spoken to?

In pairs, or as a group, practise talking in a positive way. Ask:

  • What are some helpful phrases to use?

Give copies of the SKIP booklet Take time to be a dad … It’s life changing to the group. Ask:

  • What might the dads be saying in each of the photos in the booklet?
  • Use your imagination and create some new quotes for them.
  • What’s the effect?
  • How would the child feel?


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