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Workshop SKIP Tips


  • To build the confidence and ability to parent positively.
  • To use a firm and fair approach to parenting.
  • To understand the difference between discipline and punishment.

Background information

The ‘SKIP Tips’ free app was co-created with a group of young parents. They wanted to quickly access simple, personalised tips on their mobile phones for stressful behaviour from their kids — like tantrums, hitting and biting.


If there are enough smartphones between the participants, ask them to work in pairs using the app. They can decide on an issue and talk their way through it together. Encourage them to explore all the aspects of the app. Ask them to pay particular attention to the ‘What else is going on?’ step. Ask the participants:

  • Why do you think there’s the section that asks about how whānau are feeling?
  • Isn’t this all about the kids’ behaviour?

If the group don’t have access to enough smartphones, they can look at the tips on the SKIP website and go through them together.

Suggest they choose a behaviour that’s been worrying them or stressing them lately, and explore how the issue unfolds in the app. They can interview each other about how useful they think the app is, and feed back to a general group discussion.

Other examples of issues that the young parents wanted help with (and that are included in the app) were about their kids:

  • not listening
  • running away
  • spitting
  • pinching
  • refusing the car seat
  • toilet accidents
  • not sleeping
  • whining.


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