Workshop We can read anything


  • To understand that parents are a child’s first and most important playmate.
  • To know that all children do most of their early learning simply through playing.


When we’re sharing books and reading with pēpi, we’re laying down important foundations about attitudes to reading.

We’re not trying to teach pēpi to read, we’re doing something much more important. We’re showing pēpi that reading is enjoyable, as well as a source of information. If we’re successful in helping pēpi have a positive attitude to reading, when the time comes for them to learn, they’ll pick it up eagerly.

Of course babies enjoy their favourite books, but parents can also help them to see that reading is useful and fun in many ways. For example, looking at the TV guide, finding the specials at the supermarket, looking up a bus timetable.

As a group, talk about what you can read with pēpi. Ask the group these questions:

  • How can you help your baby learn that reading is an enjoyable activity?
  • What do you read? This could be the bus timetable, grocery ads, magazines, and so on.
  • Think of ways you might share your reading with pēpi.
  • Who are the storytellers in your life?
  • Are there any storytellers in your family?

Try ‘reading’ one of the SKIP resources to each other in the group. How much of a story can you make out of a page in Take time to be a dad or Love being a mum?


SKIP resources

All available at this link: in new window

  • Whakatipu booklets
  • Take time to be a dad… it’s life changing
  • Love being a mum… it’s worth every moment
  • Tips for under-fives
  • Thinking about parenting: ‘Children are born to learn’, page 7
  • Baby wall frieze
  • Peekaboo app
  • Pamphlets

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