Workshop What stresses you?


  • Understand how stress and the brain are linked.
  • Identify stressors and their possible causes.
  • Develop strategies for keeping calm during parenting challenges.


As a group, brainstorm the things that stress people most about their parenting. Record the ideas on a whiteboard or flip chart.

Each participant then rates their top 3 stressors on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the most stressful).

In pairs, discuss:

  • What are your stressors and why have you rated them as you have?
  • What might be some of the causes of these stressors for you?

Share with the full group and discuss the common stressors:

  • Are there a ‘top three’ across the groups?
  • Are the likely causes of each stressor common too?

In pairs or small groups:

  • Discuss what might be happening in our brains during these times.
  • Think about possible strategies to a) avoid stress, or b) alleviate stress.

Small groups can share with the bigger group to create a shared list of strategies for everyone.

You could also type up the list of strategies to hand out at the next session.

Ask parents to draw up their own list of strategies. Give out SKIP magnets to display the strategies on participants’ fridges at home.


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