Play ideas and activities Black and white book Stages: Birth to 2 months

Why do it?

  • Young babies are attracted to light colour and dark colour contrast.
  • This little ‘book’ can be stood up in front of baby when they’re on the floor, so they have something to look at when they raise their head or turn it to the side.

How to do it

  • Fold a card/paper strip so it makes a zigzag that can stand on the floor.
  • Use dark marker pens to draw simple bold shapes on each square. Or, cut pieces of dark cardboard to make patterns or shapes and stick them firmly on the squares.
  • When baby is having some floor time, put the stand-up book where they can see it.
  • When you hold baby, try sharing the stand-up book with them in its folded-up state. Try tapping the picture to get baby to look at it.

Using more reo Māori

Puka puka Book
Pango Black
Ma White
Pene Pen or pencil
Pepa Paper
Anei te pepa Here is the paper
Titiro mai, he aha tēnei? Look here, what’s this?
He porowhita tēnei This is a circle
He tapatoru tēnei This is a triangle
He ngeru tēnei This is a cat
He aha te tangi o te ngeru? What noise does a cat make?
Titiro ki te motoka Look at the car
Titiro ki te ika Look at the fish