Play ideas and activities Chalk fun Stages: 19 to 24 months

Why do it?

Using chalk provides a different experience of drawing.

It develops hand–eye co-ordination.

This is an opportunity to be creative — small toy animals and people can be used to make ‘scenes’.

It’s easy to clean up afterwards — hose down the path or leave it for the rain to wash away.

How to do it

Chalks are available in supermarkets.

The other requirement is some concrete to draw on.

When the activity needs a boost to keep children interested, try including toy people and animals. You can also use blobs of play dough to get sticks to stand up and be a forest.

Using more te reo Māori

Whakaahua Design
Tioka Chalk
Tuhituhia i te tioka Draw with chalk
Ngā tae Colours
Whero Red
Kōwhai Yellow
Kahurangi Blue
Kakariki Green
Waiporoporo Purple
Karaka Orange
Māwhero Pink
Huarahi Road
He huarahi roa A long road
Ara Path
He ara taratara A rough path
Porowhita Circle
Tapawhā Square
Porotītaha Oval
Tapatoru Triangle
He mania tēnei rakau This wood is smooth
Ka taea e koe te tuhi he tapawhā? Can you draw a square
Ka taea e au ki te tuhi he whetū I can draw a star
He iti rawa tēnā tioka That chalk you have is so small
Kua pau te tioka māwhero The pink chalk is all used up