Play ideas and activities Crawlers obstacle course Stages: 7 to 12 months

Why do it?

  • This activity helps baby build on their crawling skills by gradually adding a bit more challenge.
  • Baby can hear the words that mirror their experience — ‘Up onto the cushion…down off the cushion…through the box…under the table…between the chairs…’ and so on.

How to do it

  • Begin with a low cushion — encourage baby to get up onto it and then down off it again.
  • Add a box with both ends pushed out that baby can crawl through.
  • Add something that baby can go under (maybe the coffee table).
  • Add something that baby can go between (try two chairs).
  • Try going round the course with baby.
  • If baby doesn’t want to do any part of the course, that’s fine. It’s a simple enough activity to set up and try again later. 

Using more te reo Māori

Wero Challenge
Kei runga Up on
Kei raro Under
He aha kei raro i te pouaka? What's under the box?
Ngōki Crawl
Ka pai Well done
Haramai, e te tau Come here, my darling
Tēpu Table
Tūru Chair
Kei raro i te tēpu Under the table
Aru mai i ahau Follow me
Kei muri i te tūru Behind the chair
Kei te haere koe ki hea? Where are you going?
Anaroa Tunnel
Aupuru Cushion
Pouaka Box
Waenganui Between
Ki te taha To the side
Whare House
Nōku te wā My turn
Nōu te wā Your turn
Kino kē koe, e te tau! Your'e awesome my darling!