Play ideas and activities Exploring together Stages: 19 to 24 months

Why do it?

To encourage children’s curiosity and help them learn to think.

To teach them to notice things.

To help them gain knowledge and skills.

To help extend their language.

How to do it

Go for nature walks and talks in your own garden and around the neighbourhood.

Stop and look at things.

Lie on your backs and look at clouds drifting by.

Say ‘listen’ and both pay attention to the sounds you can hear.

Put on gumboots and rainwear and walk in the rain.

Jump in the puddles.

Do the same things often — growing brains need repetition.

Have fun!

Using more te reo Māori

Me haere tāua titro atu... Let's you and me go and look at...
Ki te ngāhere To the bush
Ki te oneone To the beach
Ki te mara To the garden
Me whakamaua ō kamuputu Put your gumboots on
Wai Water
Ua Rain
Kapua Cloud
Tōhihi Puddle of water
Whakarongo Listen
Āta whakarongo Listen carefully
Kia mataara To be alert, vigilant
Kia tūpato Be careful
Kimi(hia) Look for, search
Rapu(hia) Hunt, investigate
Kite(a) Find, discover
Pārekareka Enjoyable, fun
Māhirahira Curious