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Session notes for Alcohol and pregnancy Stages: Pregnancy

An important — and delicate — topic

Alcohol and pregnancy is one of the most important issues for you to talk about with a pregnant mum and dad. And perhaps one of the most delicate.

This subject can’t be ignored, as serious damage to the unborn baby can happen at any time during pregnancy:

  • There is no safe amount or safe time for a pregnant mum to drink alcohol.
  • The placenta does not protect baby from alcohol that mum drinks.
  • Some of the most serious and devastating effects can occur when mums drink alcohol very early in pregnancy.

Information to help you

Read the supporting information and visit the website links provided. 

In your introductory conversations, you can use the Whakatipu booklet Te Kākano. It talks about the expectant mum’s wellbeing — eating healthfully, being smoke-free, drinking water and generally looking after herself. On page 35 it also mentions keeping alcohol free.

Suggestions to help you

Here are some suggestions for when you talk to mum and dad about alcohol.

  • Use your best skills at showing empathy and understanding to have a productive conversation. 
  • Start off by asking something like, ‘What do you know about booze and pregnancy?’
  • The answer will give you a clue about what course your conversation will take.

The danger is that mum and dad may interpret your questions as you being judgmental, and they may clam up or become resistant to your ideas.

If mum will struggle to stay alcohol-free, help her to access relevant support services as quickly as possible.


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