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Session notes for Aroha atu, aroha mai video Stages: Birth to 2 months Stages: 3 to 6 months


Look at you —Aroha atu, aroha mai, is a 25-minute-long video. It’s the first in a series showing how babies are social and communicate right from birth.

The video is an initiative of the Counties Manukau District Health Board, and you can watch it online via the following link - Look at You - Aroha Atu, Aroha MaiOpens in new window

The video is aimed at helping parents, whānau and professionals understand and respond to the social and emotional needs of babies in the first 3 months of life. 

Watch the video with the whānau if you can, stopping it along the way to discuss. Or, you may prefer to watch the whole video together and talk about it at the end.

Having a general conversation will draw out key pieces of information. A few open-ended questions should get the discussion going:

• What are some things that babies need?

• How can parents and whānau help baby?

• What are some of the main messages in the video?

• What new things did you learn?

• If you had a friend with a new baby, what would you tell them are the most important things they could do?

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