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Session notes for Big muscle play Stages: 19 to 24 months


All through the Whakatipu booklet Te Kōhuri 1 there are hints that a toddler can often be active and need lots of space and time to use those ‘big muscles’.

On page 3 of the booklet, pēpi says he just can’t stop himself from boogying. Ask the whānau:

  • How does your toddler react to music?

Perhaps you could try the waiata on page 9 of the Te Kōhuri 1 booklet.

Follow the translation on the YouTube video and create some actions for big whale, long whale, fat whale, spouting out its blowhole, waggling its tail and swimming in the sea.

Page 8 of the Whakatipu booklet Te Kokuri 1 is about haututu - the playful explorer.  It explains how this active child is learning through their explorations and activity, and that it's up to whanau to keep them safe and to ensure they've got a 'yes' environment to play and live in.

Children need space to run, skip, jump, crawl, roll and play.

Explain to the whānau how active play helps children gain control and awareness of their bodies, and to understand ideas of space and distance. It’s important that they exercise their big muscles so they can practise running, climbing, jumping and throwing.

Ask the whānau:

  • What sort of changes are you noticing in your tamaiti in regards to their strength and physical ability?
  • How do you help them ‘let off steam’?
  • What do they like to do with balls?
  • What sort of things do they like to do at the park/beach/playground?
  • What ways have you found to help your toddler safely climb and generally move around?
  • Have you tried push and pull along toys?
  • What does your tamaiti like to do with big empty boxes?
  • How are they on steps and stairs? Even kerbs and little steps might need some practice.
  • How about crawling, rolling, throwing and kicking?

The key to providing a ‘yes’ environment is to be aware of safety and to keep an eye on their toddler at all times.

How does this relate to the SKIP resources?

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