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Session notes for Blowing my nose Stages: 19 to 24 months


It’s not easy for a toddler to learn to blow their nose. It may take quite a bit of practice, so it’s important for whānau expectations to not be too high while their child is learning this skill.

Ask the whānau:

  • How well can your toddler blow their nose?
  • Do you need some hints about how to teach them to do this?

Some of the links in the parent resources might be helpful. If possible, watch these with the whānau and discuss how they might go about explaining it to their child.

If they don’t have any way of accessing the links you’ll need to talk to them about the process.

Look at the links yourself and decide which one you want to use. Break the whole process into steps.

How does this relate to the SKIP resources?

Baby Wall Frieze - Tukuna ahau kia mahi, kia mōhio ai ahau me pēhea te ako - let me do things over and over again

I need plenty of practice to learn new skills

Six things children need - Te ārahi me te māramatanga - guidance and understanding

Notice when they try to learn new skills and praise them for their efforts


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