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Session notes for Exploring the Tapuaki Pacific app Stages: Pregnancy

These days we have many choices about how we get information. Apart from talking with family, friends, midwives and support agencies, there are magazines, websites, pamphlets, books, podcasts and apps.

A useful app designed especially for Pacific families is ‘Tapuaki’. It has lots of information and handy tips about pregnancy and parenting, and it’s easy to access.

How you can introduce the app. 

  • Make yourself familiar with the app beforeyou introduce it to a family — this goes for any app you want to share with them.
  • First, ask them if they have any apps and if they know how to use them. Tell them about the Tapuaki app. Explain that it:
    • is for Pacific families 
    • has lots of helpful information
    • has a glossary that gives key words in 8 Pacific languages
    • has a word list explaining terms that health professionals use about pregnancy. 
    • has a short questionnaire to fill in before you can access the developmental information.

Ask if they’d like to try it. If so, suggest that you work through it together. Sit down side by side and work your way through the app.

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