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Session notes for Feeling good with the SKIP baby frieze Stages: 13 to 18 months


The messages on the baby frieze highlight all the things a child needs for healthy brain development and a happy childhood.

Ask the whānau:

  • What do you think about when you look at the pictures on the frieze?

Life can be hard

On the frieze, the people all look happy — nothing looks very hard. But in reality, life can be the opposite. Things can be hard at times — very hard — and people feel unhappy.

Positive experiences are important

Positive relationships and experiences build a foundation for a child’s future learning, behaviour and health.

Children need positive experiences to build a healthy brain with positive memories. It’s the responsibility of the adults around them to help make this happen.

  • Who else could care for your child when times are hard and you need a break?
  • How do you decide who is safe to leave your child with?

Small changes can bring big results

The baby frieze can be used to make some small but important changes, which can have some very positive results for children and their whānau.

Talk about any one of the pictures on the frieze with mum and dad, and see if it might be a starting point for making some small but positive changes.

  • Would you like to choose a picture from the frieze to talk about?
  • Why does this one attract you?

Use open-ended questions to get some discussion going.

Start with one thing every day

Help parents identify something they could do every day that adds to their child’s wellbeing and happiness. Encourage them to leave their worries aside for a few moments and concentrate on their child.

Take your lead from the parents. Offer suggestions and use the frieze pictures to help if needed.

Here are some ways they can connect with their child:

  • Get down on the floor with them and play with blocks or toys.
  • Take a walk to a park or playground.
  • Snuggle up and read a story together.
  • Sing a song with them.

Read the supporting information on positive experiences for more help with this session.

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