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Session notes for Play at home: outside Stages: 3 to 5 years


Look at the session notes Play (3–5 years) and Self-control (3–5 years) for helpful supporting information.

Playing outside — rich learning experiences!

Look at Te Māhuri 1, pages 14 and 15, and Te Māhuri 2, pages 12 and 13, where you’ll see Maka and Heru busy enjoying a range of different outdoor activities.

Pātai atu ki te whānau:

  • What have you been doing together outside?
  • What did you notice your tamaiti enjoying?
  • What do you think they were learning?

There are many rich learning opportunities for young children when they play outside. They will be developing knowledge and skills in:

  • problem-solving
  • co-operating
  • resourcefulness
  • safety
  • creativity
  • fine muscle development
  • big muscle development.

Look at the pictures of the tamariki busy focusing on their activities and help whānau to identify how these activities might encourage the development of some of these skills.

Low-cost or no-cost fun and learning

Look at the pictures again. The tamariki are using things that can be found around the house and garden:

  • cardboard boxes
  • paper
  • string
  • tyres
  • bits of wood
  • hose
  • baby bath
  • buckets
  • blankets

Tamariki will always find things to play with outdoors. Sometimes these things are not appropriate or safe for them.

So, if whānau put some thought into it and show tamariki which resources are available, there’s more chance of them being safely occupied. For example, check that there are no nails sticking out, there’s no glass that could break and no toxic materials accessible.

Pātai atu ki te whānau:

  • What do you have that your tamaiti can play with outside?
  • Are there any things that you’re worried about them getting hold of?
  • How have you managed that so far?

Playing independently or with other tamariki is great at this age. However, whānau can add a great deal to the learning when they’re nearby and able to ask and answer questions, make encouraging comments and guide behaviour if this is needed.

How does this relate to the SKIP resources?

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