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Session notes for SKIP Tips app Stages: 19 to 24 months


A group of young parents helped to develop the SKIP Tips app which provides tons of tips for parents of under-5s. These tips cover lots of different types of behaviour. It’s easy to use and the information is ‘to the point’ — there aren’t any long explanations.

Before you introduce the SKIP Tips app to a whānau, make yourself familiar with it — either on a phone or on the SKIP website:

Show the whānau how to use the app or web page.

Have a look at the behaviour options and ask them to choose one they’re interested in.

The next screen suggests a number of things you can do to try to manage the situation. Each strategy has an age for which it’s appropriate.

Choose one that matches the age of the child. The next step gives a bit more explanation about what the parent can do about this behaviour.

Ask the whānau what they think of this advice, and have a look at some of the other suggestions.

There are a couple of video clips and snippets of brain development information called ‘brain box’ along the way.

Finally, there’s a section dealing with how the adults are coping and feeling, called ‘And what about you?’ These are hints about how to manage the situation, and include ‘tired and over it’ or ‘out of my depth’ or ‘worried about money’. There are a few short hints here about how to deal with those feelings.

If the whānau are interested, help them load it on their phone or find it on the web. And suggest that they use it when their child’s behaviour is worrying them.

They can also set themselves personal challenges about how they’re coping with their child’s behaviour and get reminders on their phone.

On future visits ask the whānau if they have used it, and how it went.

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