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Session notes for Talking about thinking Stages: 3 to 5 years


There are many suggestions about encouraging parents and caregivers to support their children’s learning and thinking in the Recommended Reading ‘Thinking, noticing and understanding lots.’

Use those suggestions to talk with the whānau and keep introducing activities to them.

The main messages are that there are learning possibilities in every situation, play is the key to all learning and whānau can help build their child’s brain by extending language at any opportunity. 

Children benefit by the time their whānau spend with them, the encouragement they get, the fun they have, the opportunity to practise and the conversations they can engage in.

Pātai atu ki te whānau

What do you enjoy doing together with your tamaiti?
What are their favourite toys and games?

Use the Session Note – Lots of QuestionsOpens in new window in the 25 to 36 months section for conversation ideas.

Both booklets Te Māhuri One and Two have pages devoted to playing and learning in many different settings. Sit alongside parents and look through the booklets together.

Ask them:

What appeals to you on these pages?

What have you tried with your tamaiti?

“here are many ideas here.  Can I help you with anything?

What else could you do?

How does this relate to the SKIP resources?

Baby wall frieze - Tukuna ahau kia mahi, kia mōhio ai ahau me pēhea te ako – Let me do things over and over again – because any experiences that are repeated many times strengthen the connections in my brain that help me learn new skillsOpens in new window

Six things children need - Te ārahi me te māramatanga – guidance and understanding – I feel secure in my learning because you are beside me and you are helping me to know my worldOpens in new window

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