Intellectual Development cards

Intellectual Development


I can look at what’s around me for a short while

I gaze at faces

I look at things which stand out from the background (high contrast)

I can put my hand to my mouth and suck

Intellectual Development


I try to explore everything with my mouth

I can try throwing, dropping, shaking and banging objects

I look for something which has been dropped or partly hidden

I’m very curious and am constantly exploring

Intellectual Development


I can look at my own hands

I can bat objects which are over my head

I can look at people as they move across my vision

I can do two things at once – (e.g. sucking and looking around)

Intellectual Development


I can experiment with things to find out what happens when I do something.  (flicking a light switch) and I like to repeat things

I can remember where things are hidden

I can put a round shape into a shape sorter

Intellectual Development


I like to explore things with my hands and fingers and eyes

I bring things to my mouth to explore

I can bat a dangling object over and over again

I can look at a person for a least one minute

Intellectual Development


I can follow two step directions

I enjoy make believe play

I can match identical simple pictures of objects and bright colours

I can sort circles, triangles and squares

I understand the meaning of two

Intellectual Development


I use trial and error to solve problems

I can place round, square and triangle shapes into a sorter

I know three animal sounds

I can find details in a favourite book