Language Development cards

Language Development


I can turn to a familiar voice

I can make different cries for different needs

I can make simple sounds with my mouth open

Language Development


I can look for ‘Daddy’

I understand familiar words

I squeal and make a loud noise

I can babble

Language Development


I look at Mum and Dad when they talk

I turn to other sounds

I can take turns to make sounds

I can coo

Language Development


I understand and respond to “no”

I listen to rhymes and songs

I point to things in books

I can jabber – it sounds like talking

I try to say a few words like Mama and Dada

Language Development


I turn my head to find a sound

I react when I hear my name

I can show you I’m happy by gurgling and cooing

I can blow raspberries

Language Development


I can follow a one-step direction like “get your slippers”

I can point to and say what I want

I can say two words together

I copy the sound of adult speech

Language Development


I use four words together

I’m starting to use the past tense

I can use plurals

I can ask questions