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Recommended reading The importance of relationship

Being a dad

In this short YouTube clipOpens in new window, SKIP community champion Latu To‘omaga talks to the Parenting Resource’s Vicky Ellison about the many pressures on kids, how important it is to be an involved dad and the importance of giving it your ‘all’.

Dads matter

In this articleOpens in new window we encourage dads to get involved early in their baby’s life to make sure their relationships with their babies get off to a good start. Research says that the earlier they connect with their baby the better it is for building strong and lasting relationships.

Parents learn about parenting from how they were parented. Dads learn what sort of dads to be from their own fathers. With this sort of information dads might like to ask themselves, “What sort of dad will my son be? What is he learning about being a father from me?" or "What sort of mother will my daughter be? What is she learning from me about being a parent and about having good relationships with men?”

As well as dads, there are many male role models in our whānau and community like older brothers, uncles, cousins, youth leaders, teachers and coaches. Good male role models help young males to become great men and help young women know what a good relationship is with men.

Rich learning

In this session note we explore the idea that by simply sharing everyday experiences with children we are providing opportunities for relationship building and valuable learning for them.

Another point is that dads and mums can often share and enjoy different experiences with their children, and how great that can be for developing individual connections with their kids.

Great fathers

Ordinary men make great fathers. Have a look at the Great Fathers websiteOpens in new window, which has lots of ideas for growing great dads.







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